15 March 2008

Micah Wright Jumps the Shark

Once upon a time, Micah Wright made some hilarious propaganda posters that mocked the Bush Administration. It came at a time right after 9/11, when neo-conservative power was running unchecked by anyone in the mainstream media (a dangerous thing for any society). His style took old WWII imagery and turned it into a message for our day and age, which was as sharp in it's criticism of the political machine as it was laugh inducing. However, it turned out he wasn't really a Ranger in Panama like he claimed, and this sort of nonesense doesn't fly well in the vet community. But, hey, I can forgive and forget, and I was ecstatic to see he had made a comeback when Malkin started fussing over and belittling him. Sadly, his new homepage is a total bust. I guess he's in the less controversial (therefore more boring) realm of videogame design. Here's an interview he did with the Hollywood Reporter where he laments the horrible fate of...videogame writing?

"Sadly, on the eve of this revolution, the vast majority of game writers currently receive far less in compensation than their film and TV counterparts for similar work," says Wright. "They receive no minimums, no guaranteed credit, no profit participation, no benefits of any kind, and TV and film writers can look forward to the same as many of them migrate to the games industry. Given the fact that the domestic games industry made more money last year than theatrical film distribution, this may be the next major battlefield for WGA member writers."

I don't see why it would be so tough to write dialogue for video games, just use "All your bases are belong to us" and put on repeat. What a nerd.

Micah Wright in his Heyday


funsize said...

Good to hear from you--that was some speedy commenting. How are things on your end? I work all weekend on the wrong side of the bar, but when I get a free moment I'll drink some beer for ya

LT Nixon said...

Bartending is a job I hold in high admiration. Thanks for tipping one back for yours truly. Sorry about the speedy commenting. Some have accused me of cyber-stalking, but I assure you that I have a bazillion blogs loaded into my google reader.