15 March 2008

Iraq News (15 March)

The Good: Interesting story about a former Ba'athist insurgent turned awakening member named Abu Abdullah. The Times of London piece dissects the modern alliances between US forces and disenfranchised Sunnis in the Iraq war that have become part of COIN doctrine and a reason for the decline in violence. Also, great story on the AP wire about some of my favorite milblogs: Iraq: The Purgatorium and Kaboom.
The Bad: There was a funeral held for Archbishop Rahho, who died because his kidnappers failed to provide him with his heart medication and left him for dead outside Mosul. Operations are underway to look for the perps, and the kidnappers had been demanding that a Christian militia be formed to fight US and Iraqi security forces in Ninawa province.
The Ugly: Dr. Chalabi is a strange fellow, and he has been blamed by many Westerners for erroneously leading the US into war. He now works in Iraq on a committee to provide Baghdad's citizens with services and infrastructure. However you feel about him, there' s a book out to learn more about the guy.
Funeral for Archbishop Rahho