26 March 2008

Note To All Readers...You're Awesome

There was some controversy generated with the post about how people spent their Easter Sunday. This is all well and good (see the banner tagline), but I think some honest-to-goodness readers may have taken real offense! So for that I apologize, and I have never meant to anger readers, merely challenge. But, the purpose of this blog is hardly to be about my self-obsessed musings. Rather, it is meant to challenge societal conventions surrounding the relationship of the Iraq war and other random things within American society. This includes examining media, voting patterns, my generation, other blogs, etc. through a cynical and pragmatic lens. To clarify, yes, I am a bitter person. But bitterness can be turned into constructive criticism of society. Only then can we move towards a better paradigm from our current rot of consumer-driven, uneducated, and apathetic malaise. As for being in the military, I have noticed a bit of a trend of Armed Forces members who think that society owes them something and they should be put up on a pedestal. I find this silly, since I was very fortunate in my upbringing in America, and, if anything, I'm the one who should be paying people back. There is also a cult of victimization that has engulfed American's citizens for quite some time. I also find this ridiculous and understand that we need solutions to problems instead of wallowing in self-pity. So please don't feel like you can't disagree with me, because I'm going to drop some kind of moral authority trump card. The only way to save America, which runs the risk of going the way of the Roman Empire, is through intelligible dialogue instead of accepting norms that drive us into extinction. That and a lot of links to hilarious shit on the weird ole' internet can help to pass the time. So, please, say what you would like. They don't call it freedom of speech for nothing.

Also, as a shameless self-promotion, I've got just about 10K hits on sitemeter, so thank you all for the visits, please come back often. To offer my praise, I present you with an image of Tony Danza dancing to showtunes.

From the World-Acclaimed Musical "Saaa-maaan-tha"


gage said...

Hey, LT, you are the Archie Bunker of the blogosphere, and I personally like you that way. Keep poking those hornets' nests, Salty. We can take it. Or, for those who can't, get out of the kitchen.

LT Nixon said...

Thanks Gage! I think you were visitor #10,000. Kudos to you. Come back often.

gage said...

Don't I get a prize for that?

Three days and three nights, all expenses paid, Hotel Baghdad? No thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, a free trip to Baghdad!! Wow, you didn't say there were going to be prizes! What's second place?
Thanks for today.

IrritatedVet said...

Dude, thanks for posting the Danza photo. I was searching for the daily Iraq roundup, but was really itchin for a Danza fix.

Nixon rocks!

Ms. Kiyum said...

Let this be a lesson to you, the next time you start itching to criticize Magnum, P.I. Seriously though, I would think you'd identify with the slightly disillousioned former naval officer. If you work on your facial hair, quit smoking, take up surfski and find a rich anonymous benefactor, you'd be that guy.