22 March 2008

Presidential Primaries: Schnooze Fest '08


I made a drunken New Year's resolution to pay attention to the 2008 Presidential primaries, since I was woefully absent in paying attention to the 2004 Presidential races. But much like waking up next to a 300 lb. woman named Starla in a hotel room without easy escape, I'm regretting my inebriated judgment. This Presidential primary has been pockmarked with one stupid scandal after the next, which has contributed very little to public debate about what the candidates' policies will entail. Examples include Kos accusing Hillary's people of photoshopping Obama to look more black, Obama's nutty preacher and his "typical white person" comment, McCain and his boneheaded gaffes, passportgate, and this is only for the month of March! Once insightful and well-written blogs, like Obsidian Wings, have completely jumped the shark by getting swept up in Obamamania. Every big name blogger is hunkering down in their respective camps, and they are not willing to confront objective facts. The MSM is running the same crap non-stop to make up for general schlockiness and lack of research on all of their other reporting. Now, I admit to taking jabs at the Hillary-Sinbad meme, but that's just because of my deep-seated skepticism for the lady dating back to 90s. However, as much as I want to jump off this crazy train, I've got to stick by my commitment. Much like the military, you don't have to like it, but you gotta do it. Go Democracy.


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Kat said...

I'll give you my two cents I don't like Obama's policies. I've read his ideas on social security, national health care, patriot companies, etc, etc, etc and its more government telling people what to do and getting more money for things they shouldn't have their hands in. My final concern is his demagoguery. Its empty. Anyone like that, you can't really know what he'll do in office and what people or things will sway him.

the best thing about the recent kerfuffle is that it made Obama human. No god here.

Hillary, the same. Like Obama lite, plus, yeah, I think that her past is too much. Although, I do believe that she would be much more likely to threaten the use of military or even use it than an Obama. A much tougher person. maybe even downright mean.

McCain is somewhat better, but I've read his ideas on health care and other domestic items that still point to the idea that government regulation is the way to control costs. He is better on the Iraq war than the others (yes, I think we need to finish the job).

As usual, its the person that hits on the one or two issues that people are most interested in that will get them to vote.

Or, as we always say, the lesser of two evils.

LT Nixon said...


Thanks for the spam! Next time send beer.


I've disliked both major parties for a loooong time. I actually had some hope...but it's been pretty crushed. Thanks for the comment! For what it's worth, I think all 3 of those people have the wrong solutions to Iraq. Hill/Obama want to recklessly leave, and McCain wants to recklessly stay...

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't end with the famous Iraqi saying- "Democracy, sexy whiskey!". Although, I guess this was a more serious post.

As for the candidates, the only elections I have ever voted in where I didn't feel like I was choosing the "lesser of two evils" were local elections....and there haven't been a lot of those.

P.S.- I had a few posts on McCain recently and got comment spam from someone offering "free" Support McCain business cards.

Average American said...

Hello Lt. Nixon:

Nice blog. Actually, this is the first time in a long time that I DON'T feel like I'm voting for the lessor of two evils. I like McCain, not everything about him, but enough to make the decision easy.
I 100% agree with you though about the two major parties. In fact, I plan to start "The Average American Party" as soon as I am retired(soon). I even started a blog about it but kinda drifted a little. Come check it out if you get the chance. Just check out the "Introduction" and next two posts.
A buddy sent the Obama campaign an email asking a few questions. He never got any answers, but he did get LAMBASTED with solicitations for cash! Letters and phone calls for weeks.
Thanks for serving our country sir, I salute you!


LT Nixon said...

Average American,

I enjoy your motivation to create a third party. Have you ever been to the Third Party Watch website. It's not bad! I mostly identify with the big L libertarian party, but I like to keep my options open.

April said...

I'm enjoying each and every one of the accusations followed shortly by an indignation-inducing faux pas on the part of the accuser. Finally, finally, we can get some of this out in the open and perhaps come to an agreement that sometimes people say stupid stuff and have stupid irrational thoughts, but it doesn't make them evil to the core.

Ms. Kiyum said...

How did you get that pic of me from the last Navy function I attended?