28 March 2008

Wombat Rape and me

I tried the excuse of being raped by a wombat to get out of this deployment much like the gentleman from New Zealand, but I probably should've had a more creative excuse. Oh well...live and learn. (h/t to Hot Air)


Anonymous said...

Seeing as how this "news item" was all over everything, I was really wondering if April Fool's Day had come early this year. But, sadly, no. And the blonde hair -- oh, no, wait, that was the picture of Mr. S.'s "other girlfriend". It's all so confusing. Who was the wombat again?

Stay safe, sir.

Sean from DocintheBox said...

Man, I could have used that one because the coughing up blood one didn't cut it.

Ms. Kiyum said...

Better a wombat than a Rikki Rockett I says.

Anonymous said...

I would so bone a wombat. Or a manatee.

Anonymous said...

You should have tried Bigfoot! Some child molestor in the U.S. is floating that defense.

Come home safe, even if Chrissy decided she didn't want to play anymore.

509th Bob

LT Nixon said...

Some bigfoot bonin' may be in order. Sasquatch lives!