15 April 2008

British Journalist Freed in Failed Basra Campaign

I never understood why American pundits always want to see everything in Iraq as a failure. Has the war gone well, no, but war is terrible. But to put every fact in Iraq into negative spin to satisfy a domestic political agenda to get the Repubs out of office is something I never quite understood. Smart folk types like Ygleisas only want to see failure, failure, and failure. Ironically, Kevin Drum has a piece on CBS a couple weeks ago seemingly gloating that the Basra offensive was a big bust. But today, CBS journalist Kevin Butler was freed after two months in captivity by militia thugs. The entire operation was conducted by the ISF and he had this to say:

"Thank you and I'm looking forward to seeing my family and my friends at CBS and thank you again," Butler told al-Askari. He described the soldiers' performance as "brilliant." "The Iraqi army stormed the house and overcame my guards and they burst through the door," Butler said. "I had my hood on, which I had to have on all the time, and they shouted something at me, and I pulled my hood off."

While it would be short-sighted to say one release of a kidnapped foreign journalist should be the premise for an entire large-scale operation, do you think pundits will even discuss this at all?

Kevin Butler Freed (H/T McClatchy Watch for the Pic)