14 April 2008

Thoughtful Discussion of Iraq

Your probably not going to find any discussion of Iraq on this blog without every other sentence degenerating into shenanigans. But, Pajamas Media has an excellent interview with some well-respected war journalists Michael Totten, Glen Reynolds, Bill Roggio, and Jules Crittenden on Iraq "5 Years On". It's worth the listen! Mostly because they don't have some cozy domestic political agenda, but try to discuss it from an objective and truthful basis. And if that's not serious enough for you, Wired's Danger Room has more information on how to kill zombies. I think an awful lot about zombies...that shit freaks me out.


Bag Blog said...

I've seen a lot about zombies lately on different milblogs - I could use some explanation here. I thought they were only after the Miller Lite.