21 April 2008

The Collapse

More dumb Sunday ramblings...

As Americans, we long ago established a constitution and fought a war against our imperial masters that would enable prosperity by ensuring the average citizen had the right to life and liberty. No longer would we be virtual slaves to some nobleman or monarch, and we were free to pursue an existence that we saw fit, provided it fell within the rule of law. This framework is necessary for the collective undertaking of building a nation and culture, as a variety of different individuals and their expertise are necessary to a productive society. No one person can have all the know-how for the ever evolving complexity of our modern world. Over time, our freedom to prosper became synonymous with a freedom to vegetate and languish, and a freedom from the burden of life.

Politicians responded to this plea from our citizenry by making promises that they could never keep and our nation could never afford. A laundry list of programs provided by the "benevolent" state ensured that we would be beholden to our masters in suits and ties speaking from the pulpit. Taxes were increased in this vicious cycle of dependence and their corporate partners would ensure they could sell people things they could never afford by allowing government protection to charge such usury on debts. This cycle of being cared for like children, while having a mechanized construct to throw our money away on products we didn't really need, ensured cradle-to-grave debt where we could never speak out against our masters for fear of retribution. The concept of debt to the state which wields overwhelming power would ensure that we would be shackled and allowed to play with our shiny new toys.

How long can we carry on as a nation that equates prosperity with material wealth, when we have only limited resources, and how long will this cycle perpetuate. Our society is so compartmentalized that it would be incredibly difficult to function without one another, and the politicians that sought to control us like sheep, do not have the skills necessary to produce the necessities for human existence. Meanwhile, we avoid technical knowledge that is key to our prosperity and outsource it to countries whose names we cannot pronounce. In a period of uncertainty about the future of our habitat and possible collapse of our society which binds us together, the quest for true intellect and technical knowledge becomes all the more imperative.

Who pulls the strings that keeps our flimsy nation together. Speculation could only conclude that it is the same people who wish to see us weak and stupid. This ensures that we have utter obedience to our masters for fear of the unknown. That way we can play in the sun, as long as we are all good little boys and girls, who don't step out of line.

At times, we resemble the Eloi (h/t HG Wells): playing, fucking, and ignorant to the world around us. Only to have a morlock come around and eat us for dinner.


Christine said...

Hardly a day, week, month, year goes by when I feel so utterly inconsequential to those who sit in DC. Taking twice as much taxes for half as much gain.

The slogan "Your Vote Counts" for shit anymore.

And now the presidential race is filled with more promises, that are impossible to keep. And plans to make us even more beholding to them.

Another good one Lt. Nixon.

Thank you. Rant on.

LT Nixon said...

The reality of it is scary...