21 April 2008

What a Weiner!

Some annoying Naval officer named LT Weiner didn't want to serve her IA time in Iraq. Hey, LT, none of us did, but here we are. Stop making us look like jackasses. I write more about this at VetVoice. Sorry, but this bullshit pisses me off.


subrookie said...

There's a big article in the Seattle PI about it. I saw it yesterday http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/359728_navalofficer19.html

Keep up your good work over there! While you guys fight the fight, she's busy finding a way out. We appreciate the sandbox sailors too.

Anonymous said...

I went over and read what you wrote over there. Seemed from those comments that people were pretty much agreeing with her.

But I don't agree. Yes, it may not have been the best "fit" for her -- the woman/money issue -- and sure if you're against the military you can use a lot of big words and also say mismanagment.

But seems to me like she just didn't want to go. Seems very whiny "I'm in the Navy, I'm not an Army person." What happened to -- do you job as assigned? What happened to -- helping the war effort? What happened to all of that? You're in the military, no one forced you to be there.
Just comes across as all around badly handled. But I DO NOT feel sorry for her.
And, Lt., you have the knowledge of all this first-hand, what if you had pulled this stunt?

LT Nixon said...


If I refused? I would have been ashamed of myself for the rest of my life (no joke).

Anonymous said...

Which is just another reason to be proud of you.
Please stay safe while you are there doing your job.

LT Nixon said...

Thanks for the linkage Sub Rookie!

subrookie said...

anytime LT. There's a lot of comments at the end of the article. Pretty left coast newspaper and area, but with Bangor and Everett there's thousands of Navy folks here, many of whom used the soundoff at the end of the article. Anyway, just dropping by!

ABWF said...

Kath already said a lot of what I was thinking as I read your post at vetVoice and the Seattle PI article. Given that she is a National Merit Scholar, HS valedictorian, Stanford grad, etc., I think we can assume that she's at least of average intelligence. She voluntarily joined the Navy. All of the branches of the military put restrictions on individual rights that are stronger than those of society overall- how to dress, where to live, what your job will be, etc. She knew this going in and by accepting her NROTC scholarship and then serving active and reserve, she gave her consent to these restrictions. Six years after graduation is a bit late to try and change the terms of the deal. At that point, if having the Navy making these decisions is a problem, you suck it up until your time is over and then leave the service.