27 April 2008

Damn Pirates!

A Spanish fishing boat, Playa de Bakio, has been freed from Somalian pirates, but only after a 1 million Euro ransom was paid. The Horn of Africa has seen an obscene amount of piracy and the journalistic expert on Somalia, David Axe, routinely cites problems with the troubled African country. If international shipping were to be stopped near the Horn of Africa tomorrow, I would expect worldwide food riots on Tuesday, and cannibalism in middle America on Thursday (perhaps that's a bit alarmist). Despite the fact that the decline of pirates is directly responsible for global warming (see Flying Spaghetti Monster for explanation), this egregious threat to the world economy and the right for ships to travel the high seas must be stopped. What is this, the 16th century?
Piracy: Not as cool as it used to be


Bag Blog said...

Where's the Navy when you need them?!