24 April 2008

Fem Bot Fantasies One Step Closer to Fruition!

An ex-marine has created a "Bum Bot" to chase away transients from his establishment in Atlanta (H/T Jules) . I applaud the man's ingenuity! But, due to the malaise that male-female interactions have been suffering due to overzealous expectations, confusion, and lousy intimacy, I'm saving my money up for the female version.
Bum Bot 2.0 will be more anatomically correct


Grung_e_Gene said...

Hey LT how are you getting home? I hope it's not on an ATA flight?

Vermont soldiers who have completed their tours of duty in Iraq cannot get home because of flight delays caused in part by the recent bankruptcy of ATA Airlines,


Anonymous said...

You're saving up your money for a robot to chase the women away? Interesting. Based on your other posts I thought you fall at the opposite end of the "desperation" scale (e.g. desperately wanting vs. desperately avoiding)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I, myself am not understanding -- now you want to chase women away? I thought you were already doing that -- from all your complaints.

Or will this be more in the nature of a guard dog, so you can just pick and choose from amongst the bevy of young ladies you believe will magically surround you once you're home?

Oh, okay, now I see why you said FANTASY!!

Anonymous said...

I think he wants to pork a robot. And I do too.

LT Nixon said...


Damn, that sucks. I'll probably take Northworst.


Check out weird science, fembots are way hot!

Anonymous said...

Weird Science? She wasn't a robot. You're thinking of Small Wonder.

gage said...

LT, it's definitely time for you to come home.

Ms. Kiyum said...

I hope your fembot looks more like Kelly LeBrock and less like the Bum Bot, which is both mechanical and its name has homoerotic overtones.

LT Nixon said...


Well what was the deal with the babe in Weird Science??!! Was she just like a sexy alien or something.


Yeah, maybe it is.


Good point!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Lisa was, but she wasn't a robot. Maybe she was a wizard. All I know is that when you cut out parts of magazine pictures, hook up a Barbie doll, wear a bra on your head, and pump alot of juice into your Apple IIc, it will shit out Lisa.