24 April 2008

Iraq News (24 April)

The Good: Four Iranian-trained militants were killed in a US raid north of Baghdad and five were detained. Despite the fact that Iran repeatedly denies any complicity in aiding militia activity in Iraq, the facts on the ground prove otherwise. While I don't advocate open conflict with Iran, it must be acknowledged that much of their activity is illicit. Lt. Gen. Austin, #2 commander in Iraq, discusses ongoing operations describing Al-Qaeda in Iraq remaining the #1 threat. There's also some chatter about one of Saddam's henchmen, Izzat Ibrahim Douri, being captured by Iraqi forces...unfortunately it's probably BS.

The Bad: The humanitarian situation continues to get worse in Sadr City. If only the small percentage of militia thugs making trouble would lay down their weapons, some supplies would be able to get in there. And the rockets red glare in Baghdad (700 fired in last month alone)...good thing I'm a professional in cowardly hiding.

The Ugly:
General Petraeus has been selected to lead CENTCOM, which would mean he is responsible for the entire region (including Afghanistan). Also, General (select) Odierno has been assigned to lead Iraq...after just getting back from being in charge of operations on a 15 month tour. Makes me glad I'm not a General. Some have speculated that this may be to take on a more aggressive stance towards Iran. Also, the Iraqis want to build an amusement park in central Baghdad. Sounds like good times, but there is probably more pressing issues that must be addressed before this can happen.

Disneyland comes to a war zone


Anonymous said...

Odierno was very well respected during his 4ID days. Did you know that his son served in Iraq with the Army and was seriously wounded, losing an arm?

LT Nixon said...


Yes I did. Although some criticize his tactics as too heavy-handed in the early days of the war. I've seen him a couple of times, he's a very big dude.

Mezzo SF said...

Okay, LT, so my question is why'd you classify the Petraeus/Odierno selection under "the ugly" today?
(Genuinely curious...not judging!)

themorethingschange... said...

Yeah, what she said.

I don't get it either.

Anonymous said...

mezzo sf and "the more things change"

I may have read into it more than he intended, but I thought the ugly part might have to do with Odierno having just returned from a 15 month tour in the Middle East and being sent back again. That and he mentioned the Iranians again. They generally seem to fall in either the Bad or the Ugly these days! There could be more to it though....it will be interesting to see how the LT responds.

LT Nixon said...

Well, Odierno having to come back for more time in Iraq is Ugly. I think Petraeus is a good general, but I'm curious to see how he will handle Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa (which falls under CENTCOM)

Mezzo SF said...

Thanks . . .