20 April 2008

Former Navy Guy Runs For Office

No, not John McCain. Doug Denneny is a former NFO and Iraq vet running for congress in VA. We need more vets of the OIF/OEF flavor in office and less career politician types. I much more prone to vote for someone who I know had to suffer the humiliation of being an Ensign instead of yukking it up with hot young interns in DC... and that's regardless of political leanings. He has some interesting ideas on Iraq too that are worth checking out. What a novel idea! Making foreign policy the most important part of your campaign instead of bowling scores, price of haircuts, iffy tax-returns, and other schnooze-inducing issues we get from the Presidential candidates. YouTube vid is here.


Kyle said...

As a former Virginian, I am glad to see someone else beside the typical scum-sucking political types running for posts. I wish him much luck and maybe if hes elected he can start turning that screwed up state around.