12 April 2008

Good Times Milbloggin'

To stave off insanity, I have completely immersed myself in the blogosphere like a fobbit recluse...or a guy who still lives in his mother's basement. Milblogs are my fave, simply because they contradict stereotypes sometimes appropriated to the military of uneducated rubes at best, and a crazy cadre of Timothy McVeighs at worst. Newsweek recently discussed some milblogs, and it's good to highlight some more that are still active:

Godfather & Godmother of the milblogosphere: Mudville Gazette
Milblog database: JP's Milblogging.Com
Excellent Military Journalists that don't make America look stupid: Michael Yon, Michael Totten, Bill Roggio, and David Axe
Squid Blogs: CDR Salamander, Doc in the Box, and Yankee Sailor
Memories of Afghanistan: This War and Me
People who know more about counter-insurgency than me: Abu Muqawama and The Captain's Journal
People way smarter and less crass than me: Small Wars Journal
Proof that the military isn't a total sausage fest: GI Kate, Battle Dress U, Defiant Compliance, and Navy Gal
Iraq milblogs: Toy Soldier, SGT Grumpy, Kaboom, Badgers Forward...also Eighty Deuce and The Angry American who are outta here on the freedom bird
The Hunter S. Thompson of milblogs: Iraq the Purgatorium
The Kurt Vonnegut of milblogs: Army of Dude
Conspiracy of disgruntled O-3s: Iraq Partii, Jason, and myself (of course)
Aggregating the good shit: Thunder Run and This Fucking War
The heavies: Argghhh!, Blackfive, and The Sandbox
Politics and the military: Vetvoice, Soldier's Perspective, Active Duty Patriot, and Vox Veterana
This shit's funny: The Sniper

Thank you to all these folks for blogging, so that I don't have to seek alternative forms of entertainment like drinking mouthwash to get hammered! Please let me know if I missed any.


themorethingschange... said...

The Hunter S. Thompson of milblogs: Iraq the Purgatorium

Made me laugh out loud and my mouth was full of well masticated junk food!!

Sticky laptop.....

themorethingschange... said...

almost forgot..

came across this today and thought the point of view would interest you...


Anonymous said...

Do you ever read Neptunus Lex? Naval Aviator currently in San Diego and approaching retirement. He is pretty prolific, with a lot of interesting stuff in the archives. The Rhythms series of posts might be of interest. I also really enjoyed a series of posts by a guest blogger and former shipmate of his. They start here and go on through quite a few posts (dozens). It's a great autobiographical story. You could probably spend a few months reading Lex's archives.

Anonymous said...

I also enjoy Guidons! Guidons! Guidons! written by a 1CAV Apache pilot who recently redeployed. Fair warning though- he posts revealing pictures of playmates on Fridays (no full nudity, but definitely suggestive). He often has some great videos- especially aviation camera footage.

Another favorite is Doc in the Box. A Navy corpsman currently deployed with a bunch of Marines.

Anonymous said...

Finally, check out The Sandgram. One particular post I think you will enjoy is A Tale of Two Captains.

Hopefully I haven't repeated anyone on your blogroll. There are more in my bookmarks, but I think three comments are enough for now, so I'm going to stop.

Mezzo SF said...

Toby Nunn's (from Bad Voodoo Platoon) Briefing Room is another good Iraq-based milblog; and for an Afghanistan-based milblog, check out Third Time's the Charm, written by MSgt Ken Mahoy on his third mid-east deployment...

madtom said...

Is that really all of us? you must have read my mind, I was just thinking that I have not seen a new milblog in a while and so many are going home, that I was think I was going to run low on milblogs...It happens. I was coming over here to ask you if you had seen any new links.

I think I am going to dedicate Sunday as milblog fishing day.

LT Nixon said...

Thanks all! I've added some on the sidebar conveniently located to the right.

Desert Sailor said...

Great "one stop shopping list" dude! Of course Victory Caucus and Vets For Freedom are two that I hit often...but I'm older and more sedentary than you.

Love your show bro! Keep it going...and watch your young ass, remember to visit the duck n cover entertainment centers!!

Mike said...

Something telling I think is the lack of Zoomie blogs. Obviously the ground pounders are represented well, and you have a section for Squid blogs, but there isn't anything for USAF blogs. I've searched long and hard for them since I started blogging and with maybe one or two exceptions (all of which are now defunct) they don't seem to exist.

If you find any, let me know.

Chuck said...

The reason there's a lack of USAF blogs is, quite frankly, because the USAF is so far removed from any kind of danger that they likely aren't aware they are in the military, let alone a combat zone.

Oh, wait, Greyhawk is is the USAF. And so is my sister. Never mind.