12 April 2008

Iraq News (12 Apr)

The Good: 13 militia thugs (probably Quds Force proxies) were killed in fighting in Sadr City. There's been some weapons video released and of course the folks on the left are decrying it as shameless Pentagon propaganda! I call feeds from Aerial Weapons Team/UAVs destroying mortar cells a way for me to get better sleep at night. It should be noted that showing militia propaganda of "civilians" being killed in American media is "acceptable" to those who have a political interest in seeing the US fail in it's mission in Iraq. 4 terrorists, believed to be associated with Al-Qaeda, have been killed by the Iraqi Army in Mosul.

The Bad: Allawi's party, The Iraqi National List, wants an apology from the Maliki government before they end their boycott (they've been boycotting as long as I can remember). Man, these schoolhouse shenanigans are certainly gumming up the works in the political arena. Ambassador Crocker says that the taxpayer-monstrosity of a new embassy is almost open for business...several months late and millions of dollars over-budget. Someone made a killing on that thing and it sure as hell wasn't the State Department or the American people.

The Ugly: Sadr's brother-in-law, Riyad al-Nuri, has been assassinated by gunmen in Najaf. Sadr spokesman, Obeidi says that the occupation forces had a role in this, but I'm not buying that since we have repeatedly said we wouldn't target Sadr's people during a ceasefire. The Prime Minister has condemned the assassination, but I'm guessing there is a lot more going on here.

Don't Forget to Look Up, Fellas


Anonymous said...

In The Ugly department -- I believe you said Friday prayers would be interesting. Unfortunately, a little too interesting, I'd say.

Please stay safe.

Anonymous said...

I'll second Kath's comment. Unable to speak regarding the embassy cost or the reported shoddy workmanship of the structure as it would not be printable.
Stay safe,
Cathy B