06 April 2008

HuffPo and the Politics of War

It's no secret that the Iraq war is heavily politicized and oft-debated. Arianna Huffington discusses how the Responsible Plan for Iraq will not just bring an end to hostilities, but is more importantly a "powerful tool" to slam the Republicans.

I've already discussed why that Plan was a P.O.S. But what really irks me is that something as significant as a war is being utilized by smarmy political elites for the sole purpose of poking the other side of the aisle in the eye. How do you make something like conflict into a talking point?


Anonymous said...

We agree that using the war to take cheap political shots is inappropriate (to put it nicely)

Although if you're going to take a pure as snow stand on it, you might want to axe half of your blog roll.

Ok, don't start hacking away at your links section. But seriously, let's not act like using Iraq as a political hammer is the province of smarmy political elites. It's a favorite pastime of most engaged Americans and more than a few of the troops themselves (although they've earned the right to say whatever the hell they want about Iraq).

LT Nixon said...

Haha, yes, my blog roll is staunchly political, but I just get upset when EVERYTHING about Iraq is viewed through a political prism of Republican or Democrat. You really have to take a more open-minded approach, which is why I read blogs on both sides of the aisle and in between. I never claimed to be pure as snow...