05 April 2008

Inside the Reality of the Bad Voodoo Platoon

I first heard about the Bad Voodoo platoon from JP over at Milblogging. PBS Frontline ran a 1-hour special that was sort of like the ultimate embed. Iraq reporting often gets mired into political diatribe as the war itself has become the most decisive issue amongst the American public in recent memory. This documentary strictly focuses on the perspective of the soldiers and leaves all the punditry on the cutting room floor. The platoon does convoy security missions from Kuwait into Iraq, which is quite the brave endeavor (especially up north). The documentary focuses a lot on the head NCO, SFC Toby Nunn, and it's good to know that there are leaders like him to take care of business. The documentary runs the emotional gamut and discusses their anxieties, boredom, and comradery. Well worth checking out and it's a much more authentic portrayal of the military in a time of war than that Stop-Loss movie, which I'm sure is too Hollywood. People often say they don't know what life is like in Iraq for the soldiers...well now's your chance. I've linked to JP and Nunn's milblogs, and I found another one entitled Hard Soldier. Some screen captures are below.
Convoy Rollin'

Secondary IED found

SFC Nunn chats it up with the Iraqi Security Forces
Problems with the Old Lady on Deployment is nothing new


Ms. Kiyum said...

Use of the term "old lady," are probably why you're still single, Nixon.

Ms. Kiyum said...

is -- I meant IS. GAH.

LT Nixon said...

No way, I heard some dudes at a biker rally in Charleston say it, that means it's kosher =)

Ms. Kiyum said...

I used to tell LT Kiyum if he ever called me that it was grounds for immediate divorce, but now I kind of find it endearing. I've been back in Carolina too long.

Long-time RN said...

"Bad Voodoo's War" is an excellent view into the world of the convoy warriors. We were quite surprised some of the soldier's statements were allowed. Kudos to PBS. Emotionally tough to watch, but nowhere near as tough as the depths of emotions these men experience. It should be shown on every major network. Our thanks to you and all those serving, you have our deepest gratitude.
Cathy B

KJ said...

Watched it online and it was great!

By the way LT. I tagged you on my blog with a MeMe thing... :) Just fyi!

LT Nixon said...

Cathy B,

Yes the documentary was excellent. PBS Frontline has done some really interesting pieces on Iraq.

Hi KJ,

Hope everything is going well. Not sure what being "tagged" is, but I will take a look. Thanks

B Will Derd said...

Thanks for the heads up on the program. My baby girl spent two tours as a medic covering convoys and prisoner transport. I recognized in the show some of the routes and experiences she described. Seeing it as others saw it gave me a much better understanding, but I still lack the imagination to fully put myself there, I think.

Thanks for the effort, all around. I really enjoy reading mil blogs and yours is a regular stop for me.