10 April 2008

Iraq News (10 Apr)

The Good: An senior lieutenant to head of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Al Masri, has been detained in Anbar. Christian Science Monitor has a deatiled story about our shaky alliance with former Sunni insurgents. At least Al-Qaeda in Iraq isn't faring so well.
The Bad: 3 Iraqi policemen have been killed due to a car bomb in Mosul. Errant mortars from militia thugs have killed three children in Sadr City, and US deaths are on the rise due to heavy fighting in that troubled district. Looks like the terrorist photographer that worked for the AP will fall under the Amnesty Law and the US military is still unsure how we are going to respond.
The Ugly: Interesting writeup on Sadr in the Mickey-D's newspaper that's worth checking out as it characterizes his popular support in Iraq despite the fact that the guy is an asshole. Dana Perino, White House press person, says that Al-Qaeda in Iraq constitutes the same threat level as Al-Qaeda in Pakistan/A-stan (hmm...I side more with our Ambassador on that issue). Time swoons over their messiah, Obama, because he zinged Crocker. Hey, Time, guess what? Crocker and Petraeus are public servants! This is the moral equivalent of playing a prank on the mailman...he's just doing his damn job! More on this later. A lot of this misdirected anger has to do with the Bush administration hiding behind Petraeus/Crocker, but the Dems don't have to buy it hook, line, and sinker.
Crazy Lou sez Less Money for the Military, More Money to kick out Illegals and flip out about Chinese imports


Bag Blog said...

I watched the opening speeches and then Petraeus and Crocker speak. Then I turned CNN off, because I did not want to see the grandstanding of Dems who want to attack anything that is supported by Bush. It is kind of ironic that our Congress cannot give the Iraqi Government a break saying that they have not done enough in the last five years to pass important legislation or ease tension between the different politcal parties. Hmm, could be said of our government too.

Anonymous said...

Did you actually read or listen to Obama's questioning?

The point wasn't to "zing" Crocker. Obama was trying to nail down what constitutes success in Iraq. He was trying to get a straight answer on what is or could be our end game there.

That seems pretty relevant.

LT Nixon said...


The title of the Time article was what was in question. I don't think Obama's a bad guy...I wouldn't vote for him though.