21 April 2008

Iraq News (21 April)

The Good: Arab Jabour is located south of Baghdad and was once safe-haven for terrorists and other undesirables. This made life a living hell for its residents. Due to the surge strategy of US/Iraqi combat operations followed by a rigorous "Sons of Iraq" program, the place has completely turned around. AFP has been running some interesting stories on what has taken place and here's one about a butcher. 40 militia fighters have been killed in combat operations in the southern Dhi Qar province...so much for the "uprising" there. Kuwait is thinking about opening an embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone. Apparently the diplomatic pressure from Iraq and the U.S. finally got into their heads. They're probably not going to forgive any Saddam-era debts though.

The Bad: Michael R. Gordon's latest on civilians being killed in firefights between US/Iraqi forces and militia thugs. It should be noted that the Shi'ite militia fighters are a lot less caring about civilian casualties than we are. Speaking of the Mahdi Army, Sadr's call for open war is dissected at the Long War Journal. The LWJ's portrayal that the ceasefire is pretty much over is pretty damn accurate. Also, the Mahdi Army is refusing to disband, and it looks like violence will continue, albeit they will take a lot more casualties than US/Iraqi forces. It didn't have to be this way...

The Ugly: Secretary of Stae, Condoleeza Rice, came by Iraq to encourage more Arab embassies to open and to praise the Iraqis for cracking down on militia goons. Of course, Iran didn't hesitate to chime up about America...this time with something about "Iranophobia". What that means can only be understood in the bizarre reality that exists in the minds of Ahmadinejad and friends. Where the holocaust was a conspiracy, theocracy is the best form of government, and Iran doesn't ship weapons across the border into Iraq.

Diplomatic Schmoozin' in Baghdad


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