21 April 2008

Youngsters Smokin' Reefer Threatens Civilization

One issue that prevents me from being allowed to trumpet the "conservative" credentials is that I don't care if other people choose to engage in the victimless crime of drug use. Sure, Uncle Sam has a zero drug-use policy in the military as evidenced by frequent urinalysis tests, so I don't advocate for anyone in uniform to get high. But really, the Jawa report usually has insightful posts about the international terrorist threat, and this post about UC Santa Cruz students smokin' the doober on 420 day struck me as a little off from the normal context of their postings. To summarize my logic:

  • Islamic extremists plotting attacks to murder civilians on a worldwide stage = threat to civilization
  • College kids getting stoned on 420 day = a bunch of youngsters with the munchies playing bongos for 3 hours
The distinction is not subtle.

After one hit of the demon marijuana, Mary wanted to travel to Afghanistan to wage jihad


Anonymous said...

Too bad UCSC didn't take such extraordinary measures to protect the recruiters, including Capt. Will Griffin, from anti-war protesters that rushed his area of the job fair and surrounded his table until they had to leave. And now a pot smoking holiday. Not surprised.

Anonymous said...

No! I am totally shocked and amazed -- people smoking a green leafy substance?! What will they think of next? Wow. Who knew?


SSgt Dad Reports said...

Wow, I better quite smoken' the evil weed myself - bad for the war effort.

Sisu said...

How did you think they came up with the banana slug as the mascot?

LT Nixon said...


Well heroin/opium can be said to contribute to the narco-insurgency, but weed...not so much.


C'mon it's a college campus...in CA, would you expect any less. =)