28 April 2008

Iraq News (28 April)

The Good: U.S. forces are seriously pushing utilities, services, and humanitarian aid in Sadr City in an effort to wrest the district of Baghdad from militia control. This coincides with the offensive to take out militia thugs, 38 of whom were killed in fierce fighting yesterday amidst a Hades-like sandstorm that resulted in steel rain on the Green Zone. Vice President Hashimi and Prime Minister Maliki are finalizing political arrangements for the Iraqi Accordance Front's return to the Iraqi cabinet. Three members of the dangerous insurgent group, Ansar al-Sunnah, have been detained in Western Mosul by Iraqi Security Forces.

The Bad:
Another female suicide bomber has killed three Iraqis in eastern Baghdad at a checkpoint. There are extensive details about shoddy reconstruction efforts from US-based companies that failed to finish the job as revealed by an audit (almost 900 unfinished projects). That was taxpayer dollars well spent!

The Ugly:
The Iranian propaganda apparatus is becoming increasingly upset that members of the Iraqi security forces are detailing their malign role in Iraq. The Iranian government seems more and more foolish as massive amounts of Iranian caches are unearthed on a routine basis (especially in Basra, and Long War Journal has pics). There were protests in Sadr City about the ongoing military operations, with many members of Iraqi Parliament being in attendance. Where will this all go? Who knows at this point. I've come to expect the worst.

The hearts and minds offensive in Sadr City (photo from Christian Science Monitor)


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