29 April 2008

Iraq News (29 April)

The Good: Grug Bruno of the CFR has an extensive write up about the Sahwa movement that's worth your time. Ambassador Khalilzad drops the rhetoric on Iran and Syria about their role in Iraq. There's been an unprecedented number of airstrikes from drones/UAVs due to the recent uprising of Shi'ite militias. I knew the Air Force was good for something besides making me envious with their plush bases!

The Bad: Four of our troops were killed by indirect fire yesterday in Baghdad. The Provincial Reconstruction Teams, crucial to helping Iraqis run their country, are understaffed because the State Department doesn't have the people. Apparently, there's more military musicians that Staties.

The Ugly: Does the head of the Iranian Quds Force control Iraq? McClatchy seems to think so. Iranian influence in Iraq can be lethal due to their export of weaponry and Hezbollah-style training, and some Iraqis are getting more and more upset about Iran's role. Read about the life and times in the Green Zone...the awesomest place on the planet (not really as of late). Although the article comes off as a bit...whiny in its characterization of the denizens. I assure you I only complain 80% of the time, not all the damn time.

FTIZ (pic from Boston Globe)


Long-time RN said...

The Green Zone is becoming a favorite target these days. No longer the safe compound we citizens back here have read about it being. Snippets of Iran appear in the media almost daily. Can't help but get the feeling the stepping stones are being laid creating the pathway to a new fighting front. How can the "D" word not be put into play soon? (draft).

LT Nixon said...

If there is conflict with Iran, there will absolutely need to be a draft.

haha, the Green Zone was never "safe", but I would argue that it was "safer" than the rest of Iraq.

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 04/29/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front lines.