29 April 2008

More Swell News From Our Neverending Drug War

And you thought the war against Islamic Extremism would never end, at least it is justified (uh, we got attacked, remember). The Drug War has been fought ever since the days of Reefer Madness to control the "public health" of the American population and to prevent vice. Unfortunately, it has had horrendous unintended consequences such as creating availability for dangerous drugs that can actually kill you (e.g. crack, meth), and it has allowed gang-bangers and thugs from around the world to compete for the lucrative piece of the black market in America. These goons include the FARC, the Taliban, and these asshole drug cartels in Tijuana (from the San Diego Tribune):

A confrontation between rival criminal gangs left 13 dead and nine injured early yesterday in gunbattles that started along a major thoroughfare and continued near a private clinic where police exchanged gunfire with injured suspects. The shootouts were among the fiercest the city has seen in recent years. They come amid a spike in violence along Mexico's northern border as drug gangs battle one another and face off against law enforcement agencies that have stepped up efforts against organized crime. The dead appeared to be members of criminal cells linked to organized crime, but their identities were not revealed, nor would officials name any specific criminal organization, saying the investigation was continuing.

Despite what faux-populist Lou Dobbs of CNN says, America has longstanding cultural and economic ties with our friends to the south. The drug war in America has not only resulted in the destruction of our inner cities, it's caused the destruction of border cities in Mexico too. What's it all for? So Hollywood actors can buy coke from their buddy Hugo Chavez instead of down at the liquor store. What a waste...

All this is okay, because the drug war is "for our children"


Anonymous said...

I know this is news to a lot of Americans, but it's much more front and center where I am from (Texas). There was even talk last month about how the escalation in violence is changing Spring Break patterns. South Padre Island is a major SB destination for midwestern college students. In the past, day trips across the border were a big part of the experience. Not so much anymore. It's having an economic impact across the border and on US-based businesses that would arrange the travel, etc.

Kath said...

And for us on the East Coast, we'll see another spike in violence, because that has held up some distribution of drugs to our area, so that means more shootings and robberies because they didn't get their drugs from the supplier.

And they raise the price on the drugs they have because of the shortage.
Supply and demand.

LT Nixon said...


I used to live in LA, so it was a bit more prevalent for me too.


Supply and Demand is what keeps the black market flowing.