04 April 2008

Iraq News (4 April)

The Good: Iraq is making some progress on the Oil Law, which will allow more private investment to flow into Iraq and therefore more money for reconstruction. In McClatchy of all places, they write a lengthy report on US forces making progress in Khan Bani Sa'ad in Diyala province. Imagine that. If McClatchy would've started reading milbloggers from Diyala, they would've known that this is not new news. The Prime Minister has vowed a crackdown on militia thugs in Sadr City (it's about freakin' time).

The Bad: Sadr has called for massive protests against those devilish Americans for April 9th in the holy city of Najaf. Ironically, this is scheduled for the 5th anniversary of the fall of Baghdad and the fall of Saddam's regime...the same regime that assassinated his father. Uh, okay. One Airman was KIA in Baghdad yesterday. Newly released data from the Iraqi government states that over 1,000 Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army abandoned their posts or joined with the militia during last week's offensive. Not the kind of professional security we were all hoping for.

The Ugly: The Dems are already crying foul on the upcoming Petraeus/Crocker testimony before it has even started. They want the latest NIE report unclassified, and Pelosi is already saying that she wants the report sans sugarcoating. If she had paid attention to the last testimony instead of turning the whole thing into pundit grandstanding like politicians tend to do, she would've realized that it was pretty accurate.

Nancy Pelosi: Guranteed to make a big stink next week


Anonymous said...

As far as Ms. Pelosi -- 2 words come to mind, Face and Prune, not necessarily in that order.

Not so much her, or the annoying Mr. Biden, I want to hear what Hllary and Barack are going to have to say about General Petraeus' report. More like what won't they say, probably.

Stay safe, sir.

Bag Blog said...

The Ugly: It seems Congress does a lot of grandstanding - calling folks to testify before them, grilling them, and then doing nothing. My hubby ranted for a couple of days when the big oilmen were called before Congress - as if Congress does not know how the prices are set or does not make money off of oil and gas...rant, rant. He is waiting (but not holding his breath) on them to call the big bankers to testify instead of bailing them out.

Ms. Kiyum said...

Ahh yes. When a woman is in charge the first thing I also think about is her appearance. The second thing I think is, "who does her hair?" The third thing I wonder is, "Does she prefer diamonds or pearls?"

LT Nixon said...

Ms. Kiyum,

I'm sensing some animosity on your end.

Anonymous said...

Well, I really don't care what she looks like -- but those two words do pop up.

The REAL IMPORTANT thing is how much she truly freaking annoys me. But I respect that she has a difficult job. But she still is annoying.

ms. kiyum said...

Meh, I'm just sayin' I don't hear a lot of people calling the old male politicians prune faces. Then again the first thing I think when I see POTUS is "Cheeta," so maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to jump on the angry feminist bandwagon. Oh wait, I'm an angry feminist, so nevermind.