26 April 2008

McCain Courts the Coveted Rick Astley Vote

To fend off the GOP's uncool image, McCain has solicited the support of Utah's favorite drug warrior, senator, and crooner: Orrin Hatch. From the Salt Lake Tribune (h/t Crooks and Liars):

Hatch - a Utah Republican who won a platinum award for helping co-write lyrics for a song that sold more than a million records - crafted a tune called "Together Forever" for the presumptive Republican nominee. "Forever together / America is the land we're fighting for / There's a time in history / for a hero's destiny / together forever more," says Hatch's song.
I hope Sen. Hatch isn't in charge of the oversight of copyright legislation, because "Together Forever" was originally a Rick Astley Tune. The lyrics are as follows:

So don't stop me falling
It's destiny calling
A power I just can't deny
It's never changing
Can't you hear me, I'm saying
I want you for the rest of my life
Together forever and never to part
Together forever we two
And don't you know I would move heaven and earth
To be together forever with you

Why doesn't the GOP just incorporate soundbites from the greatest decade of music, the 80s? That would win over the hipsters.
I had a mancrush on Rick Astley before it was cool!


Outlaw 13 said...

I wouldn't be suprised if the "Bannarama" wing of the party gets really upset.

LT Nixon said...

It's tough to top Rick, he's so dreamy.

Ms. Kiyum said...

I had to explain to LT McDreamy what "Rick-rolled" is today. Luckily I have you to keep me enlightened on the kids and their slang.