16 April 2008

Moral Authority, Chickenhawks, Liberals, and Douchebags

Spencer Ackerman (that dude who got in trouble at The New Republic) has a new blog over at ThinkProgress dealing with foreign policy issues and other miscellaneous items. My views certainly don't jive with ThinkProgress, but I'm open to new ideas (I mean what the hell else am I going to do). He's got a funny post with a mock letter from one of The Kagans' kid from Iraq (note: The Kagans don't have a son in Iraq), which is a snide critique of fobbit culture. It's funny, but who is this clown, right, he's never been in the military. There was some discussion of this over at Abu Muqawama if you are interested in who is allowed to make the "chickenhawk" argument. But who is to judge "moral authority" on who gets to say what...Jesus maybe? The whole "policing" the blogosphere thing seems a little too much like some Brown Shirt campaign in Munich updated for the 21st century. Being a staunch advocate of getting and being offended on a frequent basis, I don't like the whole concept. Especially, since much more hatred should be directed at terrorist goons using the internets to create a legion of easily-influenced suicide bombers. So I say let the information and insults flow freely like Syphilis in a Reno jacuzzi.

But lefty bloggers can really annoy me sometimes. Primarily, because they like to twist your comments around to make you like 1) a dumbass, 2) some racist/ facist/ misogynist/ angrywhiteguyist, or 3) your comment being the problem with every injustice in the world...ever. So it's really difficult to engage in any sort of intelligible discussion where you might benefit from the exchange of ideas, since they're way up high on their ivory tower of self-righteousness and I'm getting wasted off Schlitz in the proverbial gutter. These people are sipping lattes and cruising around to their pilates in Volvos proclaiming to comprehend everything wrong with the world. The only problem in their life is feeling guilty as they roll up the window when the scary homeless man ask for change at the freeway exit. C'mon.

Of course not all lefties are like this, and I'm making extremely crass stereotypes. Having lived on the "Left Coast" for a large part of my meager existence, most of my friends have had left-of-center politics. And, I think Spencer Ackerman seems cool, since he has a sense of humor and doesn't fall into the douchebag category.

Well-to-do Liberal Bloggers (note: they're gonna eskimo kiss after the post is done, awwww)


Spencer Ackerman said...

Just a point of clarification: I'm a pretty huge douchebag.

LT Nixon said...

Haha, prove me wrong!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lt. Nixon,
While sipping a glass of wine under the trees at the edge of my brick patio, and perusing your somewhat humorous comments, I thought, of course, you want to hear from me.
So, therefore, just wanted to point out that didn't you mean "intelligent" when you used the word "intelligible"? Just one of those little semantic things they probably didn't go over in the -- I'm sorry, you said you went to a trade school, wasn't it?

And this Schlitz you speak of -- certainly a beverage I am not familiar with. Something new?

(Geez, I can't even keep that up!! I don't know how you can be such a snob and then have such good points to make. At least you make me laugh!)

Juan said...

1. Any person can call chickenhawk, since the putative warmonger has dodged the draft, see e.g. Cheney, Dick.

2. Real liberals love Schlitz, Bush (the beer not the politico) and best of all, Falstaff.

LT Nixon said...


I wish I went trade school, then maybe I could find employment after this Navy thing blows over.


Do you mean Busch? That's good shit!

Bag Blog said...

I don't read too many lefty blogs (it's a bloodpressure thang), but those lefties that have made it by my blog have certainly fit your description.

Schlitz is the pitz, but Pearl is the way to go.

"...like Syphilis in a Reno jauzzi" - great similie - made me cringe.