17 April 2008

Vote Now and Get a Shiny New Toaster!

In the 2008 campaign, behind all the gaffes and cheesy attack ads, one thing has been troubling: No candidate (except for notable goofball Ron Paul) has talked about shrinking the size of our horribly bloated government, which is already so bankrupt it's causing the dollar to go the way of the peso. The candidates are trying to sell all their wasteful programs to the taxpayer as a way to get votes. Isn't this why we have the constituition, to limit these clowns from playing Robin Hood with the might of the military behind their back? Is it time to give up on democracy and pick some random citizen out of a hat to lead our nation. I think so!
Quick everyone fleece the Government!


Bag Blog said...

I can think of a few "Deptartments of..." that we could get rid of easily. Can I be president?