09 April 2008

Obama-maniacs Try to Portray SSG Bellavia as a Racist Goon

Disclaimer: I never wanted this election to be about race. Frankly, I could care less about the color of someone's skin, and I think Sen. Obama has clearly stated that he isn't into getting race involved with the Presidential debates either. But when some clown accuses a respected Iraq vet of making racist remarks, I'm not sitting on the sidelines like a mushroom. Fight fire with fire as Metallica once said.

SSG Bellavia has served our country with distinction and honor and is an all-around good dude who I talked with via email a couple of times. He's been doing the Vets For Freedom tour to get support for politicians in DC who want to see "victory" in Iraq (Ms. Robin has photos here). I've got some political disputes with VFF, but they are all military folk and I'm sure I'd drink a beer with any of them. I would certainly never engage in some kind of lameass attempt at character assassination to promote a political agenda. But now some Ivy-League jackass at the HuffPo is inciting that Bellavia's made a potentially "racially divisive" comment by likening Tiger Woods to Obama. What the shit! (note: the comments got turned off, but they were pretty tasteless as well) Do the people at HuffPo not understand that the military is one of the least racist institute in America that has been fully integrated for decades (Arrgghhh! has more). It's a pretty sad state of affairs for American politics when Obama fans have to characterize everyone who doesn't agree with his future Foreign Policy plans into some lowlife who just turned his Grand Wizard robe at the dry-cleaners.

Perhaps, the liberal elite should be more concerned with the own messages they are sending to the public. Recently, Obama was invited to some wingding in a ritzy area of San Francisco to schmooze with wealthy left-coast types. Their parade of expensive automobiles isn't convincing me that they are doing their part for the environment or conservation during these hard times, and it was pretty awkward when a US Senator had to enter the mansion for the fundraiser...via the servants' entrance. Zombie has all the photos.

Wealthy lefties make Obama look like some asshole


Thus Spake Ortner said...

As you know, I am both a founder of Vets For Freedom, and more importantly, I am a friend of David's. And this pisses me off on both fronts.

I was behind David during his speech. I know what David was saying. He was pointing out how America is not engaged in the war. Then he pointed out that kids have heros, and he used Tiger to illustrate someone kids look up to. And he said that his Children would grow up learning about people like McCain.

David doesn't have an ounce of racism in him. I had lunch with him after this crap hit the net. He showed it to me on his blackberry with a wry little smile. "See what I have to deal with?" Was all he said.

The only people that could see this in a racial way, or as a veiled attack on Obama are those so consumed with racial awareness that they seek such things out. To guys like David and I, and the millions like us who served, such distinctions are irrelevant, because a soldier isn't black, white, brown or any other color but green.

The fact that no one gave him the benefit of the doubt, that no one bothered to contact him absolutely infuriates me.

Tin Ma'am said...

no matter what you do, the race card will always hsoot everyone in the foot nomatter what.

LT Nixon said...


Yeah, politics can be pretty ugly. I saw your comments at Hotline, and hopefully we can make a big enough splash in the blogosphere to pressure the unruly mob to recant these ridiculous allegations. I don't know David pretty well, but I have met very few (if any) people I would consider racist in the military.

Anonymous said...

Once again, perhaps I "run" in the wrong circles, because no one I know has ANYTHING good to say about HuffPo. What is the redeeming quality that they lay claim to??

It is amazing to me that race has stayed out of it for this long, so I guess some people just couldn't stand it anymore and will take the least bit of anything to come up with -- ohhhh, it's a race thing. Puh-leeze!!

Bellavia of all people! C'mon. So now on one, no how, no way, can say one word that isn't completely misconstrued to be racist -- by certain people. Certain people that I think are beyond annoying and rather low class, too.

LT Nixon said...


There are some OIF vets that write there that are good, but that's pretty much what I limit my intake to.

DebbieKinIL said...

Sorry to say to David, welcome to the world of ILL-In-Noise politics and their supporters.

I tell everyone living here- Do you really want a person from ILL-In-Noise Politics running the country?. Obama was nurtured in the worse political hack town East of the Miss. Our Gov. and State Leg. are the Democratic majority and all they do is fight and whine- can't do anything else but raise taxes (see Obama has learned well) and don't pay the state's bills.

How about putting HuffPooh- as one of the 10 hatred sites? They such anyway!

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 04/09/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front lines.

Welcome to "Vanguard 7's Bunker" said...

I too was right in front of David and never doubted for a second his intent. I will add to it my son in Iraq looks at David as the role model. Pretty smart for a 19 year old grunt

Anonymous said...

I looked at the HuffPo article you link to and I don't see him accusing the guy of being racist.

There's one line in the article that suggest that it might be interpreted that way at some point, but that strikes me as speculation on the part of the author not an indication of his opinion.

He then goes on and talks about how the Tiger Woods line has been used a lot by other people. So it isnt just your man David.

I think you guys are getting yourself all worked up over nothing.

LT Nixon said...


Worked up over nothing?!? The entire article on the HuffPo was about the "Tiger Woods" being potentially racist. If you start coming out swinging with serious allegations like that you better have some better evidence than a golfer that makes a shitload more money than the rest of us.

Uncle Jimbo said...

Thanks for sticking up for a good man LT. Dave is no more a racist than I am a thoughtful, tolerant, kind-hearted progressive.


Uncle J

Robin said...

Lt Nixon you get a chickenhawk high-five for this post. You nailed it. Stay safe young man!

LT Nixon said...

No Problems Uncle J and Robin, thank you for dropping in!