14 April 2008

PR Fiascoes

I'm pretty thankful that I studied engineering in college and will probably settle into some boring job following this whole Navy thing. Sure there's a lot more womens in the PR/HR biz, but I wouldn't know how to deal with events like this. The first event involves an errant artillery shell fired at an Army base in Jersey that landed on some lady's house killing her cat (CNN story here). The second event involves the Ohio Highway Patrol dressing up as the KKK (Fox story here). You know someone's gonna be having a shitty day at work this Monday.

Murderous, Racist Thugs...not exactly the kind of image you want for your organization on national TV


Bag Blog said...

Hmm, so the artillery shell was fired "at the Army base" but hit a house and killed a cat? I'm confused. Although, it does remind me of an F-16 pilot a few years ago that fired a few rounds into a school that was fortunately not in session at the time. I believe his career was pretty much over.