27 April 2008

Views of OIF Vets

On Iraq and politics: John Bruhns (against the war) argues that collegiate-aged war supporters who have no stake in Iraq/Afghanistan are douchey on HuffPo, while Hello Iraq (supports the Iraq strategy) argues that collegiate-aged leftistas are whiny, entitlement-grubbing socialists. This leads me to the conclusion that many vets think others our age are whiny douchebags (this is not surprising).

On the Petraeus nomination: Kokesh of the IVAW thinks the General Petraeus nomination to CENTCOM is an inevitable precursor to war with Iran. Let's not go off the deep end here...

On picture taking: SGT Grumpy snapped a picture of a palace in Iraq and will give a beer to whoever can name it. At first I thought it was Al-Faw because of the Saddam-style moat, but I think I'm wrong. He also called livin' on da FOB "depressing" after being out and about the last year in the real Iraq. I disagree, because at least I have full access to "teh internet" in relative safety in my t-walled existence. Being on a submarine...now that was soul-crushing and depressing! The only thing I had to cheer me up my last deployment was the second season of "The OC", which was rudely interrupted by 6-hour watches, a crisis with nuclear-type paperwork, or the occasional fire.


subrookie said...

Petraeus is a smart guy. Smart enough to know that the military is stretched enough with the current operation in your neck of the woods. That's not to say he wouldn't "project" US military power if needed. Big difference between that and invasion. But screaming "next step is war with Iran" is just another way for the anti-war crowd to scare everyone who doesn't know anything about the military.

subrookie said...

By the way stay safe, and don't lose too much sleep over the 100's of beer cases strewn about a German highway. Enjoy a near beer or figure out how to implement an illicit moonshine operation in an air conditioning hut somewhere.

Outlaw 13 said...

IVAW, did these guys ever actually go outside the wire or is their membership made exclusively of people who lived at Camp Liberty eating prime rib and fishing in Saddam's lake?

The reason I ask is they consistently utter things that make one believe that they have absolutely no military experience.

I'm sure they mean well though.

SGT Grumpy's photo looks like the palace at Tikrit...but I only flew by it once so I could be mistaken.

LT Nixon said...


Moonshine, that's too fancy. I make the same stuff they do in prison...Pruno! It involves taking a bunch of orange peels and sealing them in a plastic bag and leaving somewhere warm. Mmm mmm!

Outlaw 13,

I think some of them did and some of them didn't. Same as most of the other vet groups, but IVAW has done some things that have sent steam out my ears in the past. But Army Seargent is good people, and her blog is Active Duty Patriot (found on the sidebar).