27 April 2008

Women in Action

No all you male pervs! Don't let the title of the post fool you. This is about female soldiers in Iraq in the Lioness program. Traditional Muslim culture prevents male soldiers from searching women, so it has been necessary to have all-female units deal with these situations. There's a documentary coming out about it, which the Fayetteville Observer has an extensive article well worth the read. One thing I've been flabbergasted with is the prominent feminist movement giving women serving our country very little attention. This is most likely due to the politically incorrect nature of being in the military, therefore more praise is directed towards the aging windbags in Code Pink and the patriarchal conspiracy keeping Hillary Clinton from being elected (note: Hillary Clinton shouldn't be elected prez because she is evil, not because of her gender).


Mezzo SF said...

yeah . . . I was driving behind a van this morning with a Code Pink bumper sticker.

I wanted to do something...tail them, glare at them, throw an egg.

But I didn't. I was, afterall, on my way to church . . .lol :P

n_sf said...

One of the tenets of the mainstream femanist movement is that male dominated societies are more warlike than matriarchal ones... Giving a nod to the (mostly)hard working women in the military would erode their credibility somewhat.

LT Nixon said...


Good point. I'm not sure what the real objective of the old-line feminists is at this point.

Mezzo SF,

An egg, haha, that wouldn't have been very Frisco of you (too aggressive). You should've held up a protest sign or something.

Tin Ma'am said...


N-SF... and LT Nixon.
I disagree... there is strong evidence that suggests that a matriarchal spartan culture did exist once (generally known as the Amazons). Let's talk about equality and feminism... a group of women as self sufficient and warlike as men? I think that's true equality.

LT Nixon said...

there is strong evidence that suggests that a matriarchal spartan culture did exist once

Tin Ma'am, Come visit my family sometime, haha. Very matriarchal indeed. Especially when my grandma explained to me at a young age that the men in the family are usually just good for going to work and croaking at a not-so-old age.

Cannoneer No. 4 said...

The Lioness I knew was a sweet, naive, 4'6" 19-year old file clerk. Then they sent her to Corporal School and she came back all gung ho and volunteered for Lioness. She came back from Lioness at RIP with the 1000-yard stare. Not the same young lady. Mucho malo out there.

U.S. Infanteers are inevitable.

Kat said...

Scythian society may be the originator of the Amazon culture.

LT Nixon said...


Interesting tidbit. The Lionesses can protect me in a convoy anytime. I just posted this because I think it's strange that society hasn't come to grips with women in combat yet...even though they are.

April said...

The thing I want to ask every feminist is, why DON'T you think it's appropriate to fight against radical islam, which would have your head on a sand-encrusted platter quicker than you could say "feminism is the radical notion that women are people, too..."???