04 May 2008

Another Day, Another Bunch of War Crimes Accusations From the Netroots

On the topic of air strikes in Sadr City:

  • Crooks and Liars says "Bombing a hospital for peace, justice and the American Way?"
  • Juan Cole (who's now a ballistics expert) says "Flying glass produced by a missile is like lots of little missiles"
  • HuffPo commenter says "So our mercenaries in uniform are still KILLING BABIES AND INNOCENT WOMEN. Just move on folks, nothing to see here but the really ugly truth ABOUT AMERICA'S GRAB FOR MIDDLE EAST OIL - and if you don't believe it, just ask SENATOR MCBOMBBOMBIRAN." (LT Nixon Note: I wish I was a mercenary in uniform, I'd get paid better!)
  • Democratic Underground commenter says "We are a nation of goons. Kill the women and children...it doesn't matter. They aren't Americans, right? They are Muslims...sub humans. Blow up those hospitals and churches and homes of civilians. It's "collateral damage", and we honestly don't give a rat's ass how many Muslims we kill and mame, or how many hospitals and mosque's get leveled. We are #1, we are #1, we are #1...."

The "peace and love" crowd sure does have a lot of bottled up anger against the military. It'd be better if they dropped the faux-compassion about veterans issues though (GI Bill, Walter Reed, etc.), as it seems to be a big ploy to badmouth the Bush administration. For a more constructive way to get steam blowing out of your ears from the other side of the political spectrum, check out this article on Hillary Clinton taking us to the inner rings of hell, haha, now that's some good hatemongerin'.


Anonymous said...

It ain't so much anger at the military (at least the troops)--it's anger at the gov't that misuses the military in stupid, quicksand-type wars.

LT Nixon said...


I agree that is mostly what it's about. But some of the comments can raise eyebrows at times.