22 May 2008

Donkey Jailed For Political Beliefs in Mexico

Quick, someone alert Amnesty International! A donkey has been jailed in the Chiapas region of Mexico for sympathizing with the Zapatistas. The AP reports on this heinous violation of human rights:

Police said it took a half-dozen men to control the enraged burro. Chiapas police have thrown animals in the slammer before, including a bull that devoured corn crops and destroyed two wooden vending stands in March.

If we allow this type of thing to happen south of the border, how long will it be until the cats owned by Code Pink ladies in Berkeley are thrown into the clink? We need to arise in solidarity with our political activist burros.

Oh, wait. According to Breitbart turns out "Blacky" the donkey was released after three days in prison, because his owner paid a small fine and Blacky sobered up. My mistake.

Viva La Revolucion