22 May 2008

Army Wife to Boost Morale With Babeness

Alessandra Bosco: Italian Model and Milspouse

Instead of screwing over the single military guys with extra duties and responsibilities so that their precious husband can take her and the kids to some stupid minature golf bullshit (yeah, I'm not bitter or anything), this military wife is seeking to actually improve the morale of singles deployed in defense of America. From Stars and Stripes:

A Germany-based Army spouse plans to show deployed U.S. soldiers the sexy side of military gear in a 2009 lingerie calendar. Alessandra Bosco, who’s married to Sgt. 1st Class Edward McCoy of the Katterbach-based 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, said the calendar includes 12 photographs of her wearing a mixture of lingerie and military items. The young Italian bikini model said she got the idea for the calendar from soldiers who e-mailed her after checking out her Web site.

SFC McCoy is a true NCO who is looking out for his soldiers, and Ms. Bosco should be commended for her compassion in assisting lovelorn folks on their deployment. I am most impressed with the Army's high standards in seeking soulmates. After 4 months out to sea and pulling in for 7-day maintenance period, most Navy guys would be satisfied with any of the 300 lbs. women found in the many islands of the Pacific (particularly Guam).

Addendum: To avoid the wrath of Ms. Kiyum, who is not a "milspouse" but the cool lady with a cool husband in the military, I don't despise all military wives. But I do harbor resentment towards some, and they know who they are.

After 4 months out at sea, these Island ladies are lookin' good!