11 May 2008

Forum That Could Save The Right And A Blog on Jihad

The Next Right?: If you put a gun to my head right now and asked me if I was a Democrat or Republican, I would have to say Republican begrudgingly. Of course that is similar to the question would I rather have an affair with Barbara Bush the elder or Hillary Clinton (*shudder*). While I'm certain that I'm an anti-leftist, the Republican party long ago disillusioned me with cornball cultural conservative programs like federal funding for abstinence, banning people from getting married, and nixing porn on military bases. But alas, there may be hope with this new website The Next Right, which could provide substantial grass roots support to the American right. I'm not getting my hopes up, but it may be worth checking out. (h/t Matthew Ygleisas)

Get Educated on Jihad: The dudes at Abu Muqawama are a lot smarter than me, so when they tell me to read a website, I'm obliged to follow. Check out Jihadica, which has details on the international scourge of Islamic terrorism.