11 May 2008

More On Those Unsung Heroes: Celebrities

Thumbing through Time's "100 most influential people" in 2008, I am totally stoked that celebrities, who never get any media attention, have been justifiably honored! Why give props to hard-working diplomats and human rights activists under the "Heroes & Pioneers" Tab of the list, when it's best to highlight the Hollywood party scene with Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie (written by fellow actor messiah, George Clooney). Brad, I payed $1.25 for the Ocean's 13 bootleg, and I want my money back.

Andre Agassi also gets a place under the Heroes & Pioneers tab. Fellow tennis superstar, Andy Roddick, has this to say:

Arthur could well have been talking about Andre Agassi. We are all aware of his tennis accomplishments, the brilliance and flash of his career. It's impossible to forget his epic U.S. Open victories, and also—though he might want us to forget—the mullet and acid-washed jeans. But the greater challenge for an athlete is to have a positive impact away from the cameras. I've been privileged to witness firsthand Andre, 38, do just that.

It's certainly comforting that hitting a ball back and forth over a net will have such a major impact on the problems of our world. It will certainly keep people distracted with mindless entertainment, as society collapses around them. Bravo! Because only in celebrity-obsessed America, could we have uneducated tinsel town boobs receiving equivalent praise as the woman known as The Mother Teresa of Iraq.

Look at Brangelie in Action! Spreading Humanitarian Aid to Fellow Hollywood Elites