14 May 2008

Housekeeping Notes And Feedback Requested

So, I tried to an experiment to blog as much as possible today. No thinking about leaving Iraq, no work in the office (I got Tuesday off which would piss off a lot of deployed people to know), only a toasty computer screen and you fine people. My nerdy obsession may prove my wretched existence, but what the hell else am I going to do without booze, scavenge for Saddam's porn stash. It's been fun, but I'd welcome any feedback on today's posts, of which there were 8, to make your reading experience more interesting. Of course I'm a big fan of all the comments.

Also, have you ever wandered into a real fancy restaurant in some swanky liberal urban area like Boston with stone-washed jeans, a rhine-stoned denim jacket, a trailer-park mullet, and a "No Fear" T-shirt like some jackass, and then tried to argue with everyone's political beliefs? Well, I kind of felt like that on this Obsidian Wings thread I've been perusing all day and commenting on. Sure, all the people are way smarter and more educated than me, but I think I got in some good bits here and there!

G'night, everybody!