14 May 2008

Iraq News (14 May)

The Good: The Wall Street Journal editorial board says Prime Minister Maliki is a big winner for cracking down on Shi'ite militias within the last 2 months. Now, the Iraqi Security Forces have their sights on the terrorist threat in Mosul, in which the Prime Minister showed up today to supervise operations. The Kurds have offered their support for the operations in Mosul. However, American media is still focused on the ceasefire saying whether or not the truce negotiated between the UIA and Sadr Trend is holding in Sadr City. The superb Long War Journal reports some clashes that have left 10 militia fighters dead in Sadr City, mostly around the Al-Qods street security barrier. 3 new oil fields have been discovered in the Kurdish region containing 2 Billion barrels (worldwide demand is about 90 million barrels/day).

The Bad: The US has slashed its reward for the head of the Islamic State of Iraq (Al-Qaeda), Al-Masri, from $5 Million to $100K. Wonder what that's all about. The President makes a jackass out of himself on a Politico interview, where he says he gave up "golf" to recognize the sacrifices made by America in a time of war. I thought we were supposed to go shopping? What a putz.

The Ugly: The Secretary of Defense, a man I respect, has called on the military to focus on the current wars of counter-insurgency as opposed to the future prospect of a large conventional conflict. He actually uses the term "Next War-itis". I'm sure he'll be quietly tucked away for pissing off the big military contractors making space lasers and death stars for our future war that may or may not happen. My man's got balls! Also, Christian Science Monitor has a very good article on how Iran was involved with the most recent Sadr ceasefire. Shows how big a player Iran is in Iraq.

Hot Dog! We have a Winner (Says WSJ Editorial Board)