17 May 2008

Iraq News (17 May)

The Good: The MSM has been mostly quiet about Mosul for whatever reason, but the Long War Journal has the info on over a 1,000 wanted men detained by the Iraqi Security Forces. Also, "just under 200" are supposedly Al-Qaeda members or foreign fighters. Iraqi media reports that the Mosul tribes are ready to send their Sahwa fighters to help the Iraqi Security Forces in the large-scale offensive. The purpose of the operation has extended from Mosul to the surrounding Ninawa province, which has the potential for huge security gains. An Illinois Guard unit has returned from Iraq with zero casualties.

The Bad: A female suicide bomber has blown herself up in Diyala province with at least 15 casualties. This one targeted the Awakening council's headquarters in Baqubah. There might be some backlash from the Mosul offensive here. A suicide bomber in a truck hit Fallujah with 7 fatalities, including an infant and 4 Iraqi policemen. CNN is reporting that a Reuters photographer got beat up at the scene by the police. The conventional wisdom about Fallujah is that it is a very secure city, and this brutality in a province that used to be incredibly violent, but got turned around, is truly sad.

The Ugly: The VA is suckin, Iran is making more baseless accusations about the US targeting diplomats, and Pelosi is in town. It's a perfect storm, I tell ya!