18 May 2008

On The Road Again

(Note: DFAC is Armyspeak for the place you eat)

My last two Navy buddies in Iraq are enroute to the states. I don't recognize any of these new faces around, and they seem to possess a certain bit of optimism and motivation worn across their face. I hate people like that. My superiors are asking me about how things used to be done last year, and I spent most of the day training the new guys. But that's good news in itself, because it is almost time to get the hell out of here.

While the need for anonymity is essential, I've posted pictures from the internet of the two Navy guys who are traveling and occassionally read this dumb blog, and also my own picture. They're close enough to the real thing, if you need to pick us out of the crowd. Please, take the time to fill us in on developments in America, as we've been gone for awhile. You know, any coups in Washington, new alien overlords, or what's the newest horror movie out that's worth seeing...shit like that.

Dave: Wardrobe solely consists of muscle tees and stone-washed/elastic-banded jeans

OleGreyDog: Enjoys post-modern literature, baby ruths

LT N: "Which one of you kids wants to help me bury the dead body?"