30 May 2008

Jeff Peckman: The Man, The Myth, and The Legend

An Ode to Jeff Peckman:
  • Who has a petition to recognize the importance of U.F.O.-ET Realities in the state of Colorado
  • Who encourages folks in the community to Think Intergalactically, but Act Locally at his homepage
  • Who still shows respect for his parents by living with them at age 54 according to a comment left by Psyoperator
  • Who assures us that he has video footage of an alien popping his head into a window
  • Who has doubled traffic to this blog today with incoming hits from Google searches for the legendary "Jeff Peckman"
  • Who has shown his humanitarian side by saying that even though the universe is big, we humans must learn to get along with aliens from other galaxies
God bless you, sir!

You Handsome Devil!