29 May 2008

Michelle Malkin Flips Out Over Dumb Shit

This might piss off some of my right-of-center readership, but I have to side with GI Kate, Exnicios, and Reason and say that Michelle Malkin's outrage at a keffiyeh in a Dunkin Donuts commercial is pretty damn stupid. Is there any reason to believe that Rachel Ray is a terrorist-sympathizer...no. Beside, this is what hipsters do. They wear things like keffiyehs, skinny jeans, and Ralph Nader buttons because they know it will generate outrage among culture warrior squares from the suburbs. I find it best to ignore these latte-sipping twentysomethings, and mock them for their crappy taste in music.

Well no sooner than Dunkin Donuts nixed the keffiyeh commercial has Malkin flipped out over a Lenin statue in Jersey. She also mentions the monster sized Lenin statue in Seattle's Freemont district as a sign of civilization's impending collapse. C'mon, the cold war has been over for more than 20 years. Let's just settle down now.

Freemont Lenin to Squash American Imperialists