20 May 2008

Keyboard Commando Schlussel To Win War in a Fortnight

While some bloggers are warning that the bullet-riddled Qu'ran found in Iraq may be the next Abu Ghraib (unlikely), perennial wingnut Debbie Schlussel says military commanders engaged in the complex counter-insurgency campaign are shameless ass-kissers:

Instead, there's a giant sound of American lips smooching Muslim butt; this giant line-up of high-ranking American military men waiting for their chance to get something brown put on the tip of their noses. The groveling is simply sickening.

Debbie Schlussel will hopefully strap on her Team America gear and start kicking Islamofascist ass in the streets of Baghdad! I'm hoping she carries the big Gatling gun ala Jesse Ventura in Predator. I'm sure Maj. Gen. Hammond's people could use the R&R.

Freedom Cost a Buck-Oh-Five!