19 May 2008

Blogging Gets Blessed Off By A Three-Star

Lt. Gen. Caldwell, head of the Combined Armed Center and prior director of Strategic Effects in Iraq, has encouraged his soldiers to do more blogging to spread information on the internet according to Wired's Danger Room Blog. Obviously, this is a boon to military bloggers, as some in the Pentagon want us to go away, and Small Wars Journal reports that this will allow a healthy exchange of ideas.

Perusing the Combined Arms Center's blog, one finds a very motivational and patriotic post about "Why We Serve". For some reason, I don't think my posts of Thai Babes, angry rants against the younger generation, and celebrity-bashing are what the General had in mind of spreading intellectual ideas within senior military officer circles. Oh well. I can always repent on my death bed...that and I'm getting out of the Navy in less than a year.

LT Nixon the Penitent: "Sorry I Started All That Trouble in the Blogosphere, sir"