19 May 2008

Real Life Teen Wolf Does Not Get The Chicks

Hollywood has lied to us once again! The pinnacle of Michael J. Fox's career, Teen Wolf, involved a socially awkward teenager figuring out he was werewolf, and then becoming a basketball-dribblin', car-surfin', babe-magnet party animal. It is a shame that this young boy in India, who suffers from a similar ailment, gets much shabbier treatment from his peers. From Fox News:

The boy said he rarely leaves his village because of the cruelty of strangers and he has been bullied throughout his childhood. "Why did God do this to us?" said Pruthviraj’s mother, Anita, 32. "He looks so odd and wherever we go people throng to see him."

Even his own mother doesn't recognize his inherent awesomeness. Young Pruthviraj should hire Styles as his PR agent.

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