19 May 2008

Xenophobic Thugs Massacre Zimbabweans

This sort of thing will make your stomach churn. Angry mobs of South Africans are on the prowl to kill immigrant Zimbabweans. From Breitbart:

Mobs roaming through poor townships around South Africa's economic capital have killed and beaten up immigrants over the past week, with Zimbabweans and other Africans reporting purges by armed locals looking for foreigners. Crowds of people gathered at community centres and police stations in affected parts of the Johannesburg area -- mainly the notorious central downtown area and slum areas to the east of the city.

22 have been killed in the violence and a disturbing photo of a man being burned alive is available at Al-Jazeera English that reminds one of the "necklacing" executions in the 80s. Gateway Pundit has more details on the violence.

Xenophobia is a not a new phenomenon to society, as it is seen in other modern Western nations such as Germany's treatment of Turkish immigrants. This results when a country's citizens compete for scarce resources offered from the teat of the all-powerful state. We Americans are fortunate that we have the closest thing resembling a free-market economy, and fellow citizens are viewed as creating wealth instead of being a burden to the state. However, as more Americans seek public services being provided from the government, our immigrant heritage could be in peril.