03 May 2008

Saturday Shenanigans with Jeff Peckman

Jeff Peckman of Denver is sponsoring a ballot initiative to get the city to create the Extraterrestial Affair Commission. This would provide legislation to deal with the nuisance posed by invading space aliens who wouldn't respect local Denver laws. From Rocky Mountain News (h/t The Daily Gut):

"It is important because if you're driving down the highway and you saw a crash of a small spaceship and a car or a bus full of kids, you really wouldn't know what to do," Peckman said Thursday. "Do you wait for the hazardous materials experts to show up because of potential contaminants from another solar system? What do you do? People really don't know."

As a libertarian, I find imposing bureaucratic red-tape on our alien overlords would squash any potential knowledge we could glean from them such as plasma death rays and interstellar travel. It is best to provide our alien masters with the freedom to travel our highways, and it would be wise to employ common sense and give their flying saucers the right of way, while you cruise down the road in your '87 Buick. What we really need is legislation on emergency plans for survival of an impending zombie attack, which has been upstaged by Peckman's silly theatrics. The article also mentions that Peckman is 54-years old and lives with his parents, which is actually quite relevant to the whole story.

You Better Be Ready!


Kath said...

Wow, that has never happened to me -- the driving down the highway and seeing a small spaceship crash. He's right, I would NOT know what to do!! Nope, wouldn't have a clue!

Anonymous said...

I bet the people with the city get a kick out this one. It is not just another boring ballot initiative to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Are you getting out of country soon? Where do you find this stuff?
Agreed, government intervention/legislation would screw up the phenomenon, should such a phenomenon ever occur! Wish I could observe the Denver city officials faces as the proposed EAC is brought to the floor for discussion.
Cathy B

Mikael said...

But does he wear his tinfoil hat in office?

On a more serious note, it probably would be prudent to have a (inter)national protocol for what to do if we ever encounter alien life. I mean, chances are there is some out there, it's a big universe, however chances are also that we'd never see them in the lifetime of our species, it's a big universe.

I'd say there's a larger chance that we will one day be spacefarers and encounter primitive life on some other planet than there is of advanced life coming to us, and the chance is still miniscule.

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