20 June 2008

Iraq News (20 June)

The Good: Iraqi Spec Ops have captured a militia leader in Baghdad. Col Ferrell talks about tactics in preventing extremists from re-entering the Sunni areas south of Baghdad during a press conference. Australian News is more optimistic about new development of Iraqi oil infrastructure stabilizing crude prices than the "no blood for oil" crowd in the states. This comes at a time when the Iraqi Finance Minister has announced plans for Iraqi natural gas to be transferred to Jordan from Anbar province via pipeline. The Iraqi-led "Promise of Peace" operation continues with big successes in Maysan province.

The Bad: Kim Gamel of the AP reports that caches are turning up in the darndest places in Iraq as of late. A bakery, a fish farm, etc. While the seizure of weapons from extremists is always welcome, the fact that they are still turning up in civilian areas indicates that there is still some level of support for extremism from common Iraqi citizens. Murderous thugs have killed a student in Diyala province.

The Ugly: The House has passed the Iraq/Afghanistan funding bill. It's ugly because it took so fuckin' long. Can't the political factions of this country agree on anything. Bipartisanship has a knack for making our govermental institutions look like Sharks and the Jets...except more flamboyant and more embarrassing. Rumors abound in the Iraqi news as Azzaman suggests the U.S. was behind the savage bombing in Baghdad and Ahmadinejad's crazy tale of avoiding being kidnapped by CIA spooks makes the rounds. Someone get him a tin foil hat for god sakes.

Ahmadinejad Brings Teh Crazy To the Press (not a surprise)