20 June 2008

People Actually Think We Tried to Kidnap Ahmadinejad, Sigh

Juan Cole posts an article from the Iranian propaganda apparatus about Ahmadinejad thinking that the U.S. tried to abduct him while he visited Baghdad in March:

A Tabnak correspondent has reported: During a meeting today with members of the Qom Theological Lecturers Association, our country's president has disclosed that a US plan to abduct him in Iraq and transfer him to the US has failed. According to one of the lecturers present at the meeting, Dr Ahmadinezhad added: Simultaneous with my visit to Iraq, the Americans intended to carry out a calculated plan to abduct me and transfer me to the US so that they could use the issue of terrorism as an excuse to blackmail the Islamic Republic. The president continued: Despite this, praise be to God, the changes which were made to my travel schedule spoilt their plan. They were taken by surprise and realized what had happened when I was flying back to Iran. This was whilst we didn't even visit the Green Zone, which is Baghdad's safest area. The interesting point is that Bush, the US president, hasn't even stayed overnight in Iraq.

There is zero evidence for this abduction, except in the dark confines of Ahmadinejad's mind, and he erroneously states that he didn't visit the Green Zone last March. That's funny, because the international media outlet, BBC, reported that crazy Mahmoud visited Prime Minister Maliki, even going so far to report how security was provided by the Pesh:

The visiting president also saw Prime Minister Nouri Maliki at his offices inside the heavily fortified Green Zone. Entering the Green Zone usually involves passing through American checkpoints, but security on the way into the zone for Mr Ahmadinejad was provided by Kurdish peshmerga forces supplied by the Kurdish Iraqi president.

What's truly scary is that American Professor, Dr. Juan Cole, provides this article without commentary, indicating that he may or may not believe it to be true. Since I was there at the time, I should be up front about what happened to my fellow left-leaning countrymen. I was dressed up in the undergarments the Army issues that are ninja-like in appearance with my fellow buddies in Blackwater and the CIA. We were waiting for the word from Cheney to take President Ahmadinejad to the secret GOP/Exxon/Halliburton headquarters on Neptune. Unfortunately, those whiny bleeding heart pussies in Congress called it off! Stay vigilant, netroots.

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