18 June 2008

The Joys of Cosmopolitan Friendship

So my high school buddy, Nathan, has a blog that is totally dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly living. It's pretty cool. Right now he is focused on the logistics of moving around something called a yurt, which is pictured below. If you need a bath from the bloggin' sewer of politics and controversy, I recommend checking it out. You may ask yourself, "eL-Tee, how were you friends with someone so crunchy?". Well, if you asked yourself about the bizarre mix of people that Ann Arbor produces (including such characters as Bo Schembecler and Iggy Pop), you just answered your own damn question. Please no "hippie-bashing", as they are very nice people that don't deserve such shabby treatment that faux-environmentalists like Al Gore deserve.

Better than a Studio